Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Facts about art galleries

Facts about art galleries

An art gallery is a public space or building for the display of art normally visual art. Museums may be private, or public, but in general, what separates a museum from a gallery is its ownership of a collection made out of or inspired by art. Paintings, sculptures, furniture, accessories, collages, watercolors, drawings, furniture, prints, etc. – the list is almost endless. The term” Gallery” comes from the French word “galerie” which means a room or space intended for displaying works of art.

1.    A modern art gallery in UAE is a modern organization, owned by an artist or members of an organization, which showcases works of art by the artist. There is hardly a public art gallery that does not have a dedicated art dealer. Most galleries have their own art dealers with extensive experience in the art market, working with both contemporary and modern artists.

2.    For an art gallery to display works of fine art and 3D wall painting, it needs a large floor area and a carefully preserved interior. Large areas are required so that the public and artists can see each other. A gallery can also exhibit both local and international artists whose works can be purchased on the internet. However, an online art gallery is not a true art gallery as they do not provide a direct exposure to the artist.

3.    A true art gallery exhibits works of art from artists around the world, using the best and latest technology to make their work available to the public. Therefore, an online art gallery would need a website in order to publish and showcase works of art from artists all over the world.

4.    The majority of contemporary art galleries are based in major cities. However, more gallery owners are creating gallery spaces in cities all over the world. This allows the artist to travel and showcase their work anywhere in the world, thereby expanding their audience and fan base.

5.    While a traditional art gallery focuses on bringing new and contemporary artists to the public, a contemporary art gallery is more interested in showcasing artists that have been performing at the gallery for some time. If an artist has only displayed at the gallery a few times then they are unlikely to receive any offers for future work from the artist, therefore keeping the costs down for the artist.