Wed. Nov 30th, 2022
What Should You Keep in Mind After Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

What Should You Keep in Mind After Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

After undergoing the best laser hair removal in Dubai, you should remember some simple precautions. Avoid using any tanning lotion or body scrubs on the treated area, excessive scratching, or taking anti-inflammatory drugs. Your laser hair removal treatment may last as long as two months. For best results, keep your treatment site clean. Your skin may feel dry and sore for a few days after treatment. You may experience bruising and numbness.

Avoid tanning lotions:

After your laser hair removal treatment, you must avoid self-tanning lotions and sunbeds. These products contain ingredients that absorb light energy, which may cause irritation or burns. Overexposure to light energy can cause blisters and burns, reducing the effectiveness of your treatment. You should avoid applying any tanning lotion or sunbed for two to three days following your treatment. This rule also applies to body moisturizers and gradual tanning formulas.

Avoid body scrubs:

You may have heard to avoid using body scrubs after the procedure if you’ve recently had a laser hair removal treatment. While they can help you get smoother, hair-free skin, body scrubs can cause the lasered area to be dry and rough. A good body scrub should be gentle enough to exfoliate the area without leaving it feeling dry. You should use gentle exfoliation products on the area for two to three days after the laser hair removal procedure.

Avoid excessive scratching:

One of the most common side effects of laser hair removal is severe itching and redness. Keeping skin moisturized can reduce discomfort and speed up the healing process. If you have recently had a tattoo, applying inked lotion can help soothe the skin. It also contains zinc to promote faster healing. It is very important to stay calm during the initial couple of days following the procedure, and following the treatment, you should avoid excessive scratching and picking.

Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs:

Many anti-inflammatory drugs and topical solutions can negatively impact laser hair removal treatments. These medications may contain photosensitive ingredients that can increase the risk of adverse effects. Additionally, many herbal remedies and tanning products can increase the risk of side effects. Licensed medical practitioners are well-versed in these drugs and their effects on laser treatments. Avoid taking these medications for at least 24 hours before your laser hair removal treatment to avoid potential side effects.